Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We received "THAT" email yesterday saying we have entered into MOI!!!  This is a huge step forward toward bringing our children home!  We have waited 9 weeks for this email to arrive and yesterday it came!  So you ask what this means?  Well, MOI (Ministry of the Interior) is the department in Haiti that will review our paperwork and give us the "go-ahead" for issuing the kids  passports.  Once they give us that authorization, then the passports will be printed.  Then our paperwork (dossier) will move to the US Embassy where the children will receive their medical exams and finally their visas...then HOME!! 

So there are still a few steps left...they can move quickly or they may take months to finish...it's Haiti, so only time will tell how long it takes.  We were hoping they would be home by Christmas, but that will not be the case.  We have set a new goal...home by Claude's 6th birthday, which is January 13th.  Not sure if that will be the case, but that is our new goal!  We will keep you posted as we move forward!

Oh...don't forget about our T-shirt fundraiser.  You can be a part of bringing home two children to their forever families!!!  Visit our site at http://www.adoptionbug.com/finchfamily/index.htm  and remember in order for us to received credit- you must order on our page (which the link should take you there), but just in case we are the "THE FINCH FAMILY OF 7".   Thank you for your support!!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Our first fundraiser!

Check out our first ever fundraiser...with the help of Adoptionbug.com...we will be selling t-shirts to help offset the cost of our adoption.  With each t-shirt sold, they are donating the proceeds back to us to pay our final set of fees (visas for the kids and also travel expenses for Dwight, myself, Claude & Mithe-Love). 

If you have already checked out Adoptionbug.com website...THANK YOU!  If not, I encourage you to check it out and consider supporting our fundraiser.  We appreciate your help.  If you are not ready to support us by purchasing a t-shirt, will you support us through prayer?  Pray as we begin to prepare to bring our children home.  It will be a huge transition for all of us!  Also, you could help by "spreading the word".  Share with your friends & family how they could help us out. 

Just a reminder- in order for us to get credit for each shirt sold- you must order on THE FINCH FAMILY OF 7 page (or follow the link below).  Again, THANK YOU!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Waiting and wondering...

Well, it's been 7 weeks since we exited Parquet...and we are waiting to move forward.  We were really thinking we would have entered MOI by now, but it still hasn't happened.  As with every other step, there really isn't any rhyme or reason when it comes to timelines.  We've heard from other adoptive families of entering into MOI within a couple of weeks or taking a couple of months to enter.  We are simply waiting and wondering when THAT email will arrive in our inbox.

We did get some exciting news a few days ago...they emailed us a copy of our Adoption Decree.  We had heard on October 2nd (the day after my last post) that they did have a copy of our Adoption Decree.  They said they would send us a copy after it was translated from French into English.  Well, we received it.   It was crazy to read the decree and to know that the kids have our last name now!! 

Everyone keeps asking "when will they be home" or "what's taking so long"?  We don't know the answer to those questions.  We were told from the beginning to expect a wait of about 18 months from the date of our referral.  We met Claude & Mithe-Love on August 1st, 2011.  If it actually takes 18 months...that would be February 1st, 2013.  We aren't there yet.  We are/were hoping to have them home before Christmas. Things were moving quickly for a while...quickly in Haiti terms.  However, since it has taken 7 weeks now to enter MOI (and we still aren't in yet), it doesn't look like they will be home before Christmas.  Don't get me wrong...with God all things are possible!  We aren't giving up hope on a Christmas homecoming, but rather looking ahead.  Claude's birthday is in the middle of January...maybe they will be home by then??  God already knows when they will be home...I'm not sure why we worry about it...it will happen when HE says it's time! 

Thanks for following our journey & I'll keep you posted when THAT email arrives :)