Monday, August 8, 2011

What an exciting week in Haiti...

Thanks everyone for your prayers!  We had an amazing time in Haiti this week.  We arrived at the Bethel Guest House on Saturday afternoon.  After we arrived (we had to wait about 3 hours for the second half of our mission team to arrive) I introduced myself to Dr. Bernard and told him that I had brought our dossier with us.  He immediately told me to sit down and he took the dossier and we had a quick chat.  Initally, we had asked for a brother/sister sibling group...he said he did not think he had a brother/sister, but he thought he had a brother/brother  and a sister/sister group.  He asked which I thought we may like, I wasn't sure (I wanted to touch base with Dwight & the kids).  He said he may be able to get a match before the end of the week.  We left it at that and said we would get back together later.

On Monday, he said he wanted to meet with me after dinner.  I wasn't sure what the meeting would be about... I assumed he wanted to know what we had decided as far as which group we would rather have.  About 7:15 he said he was ready...we went into the "living room" downstairs.  He pulled out his paper and said he had three groups:  brother/brother, brother/sister and brother/sister/sister.  After chatting for a few minutes, I told him we had initially wanted a boy/girl sibling group and since he had one available that is what we would like to have.  He said "well then, they're yours".  WOW!!  I asked if we could meet them in the morning (since it was getting late) and he said we could met them in about 30 minutes!  I must admit at that point, my knees were shaking and the tears started to flow (and they flowed, and they flowed).  About a half hour later they brought them up from the creche (craddle).  That was amazing!  For the first time in my life... I was speechless!  I had no idea what to say to them!  Finally, I was able to tell them how excited we were and introduced them to the their "ser"- Brittany & Haley.  WOW!

We now have a new son, Claude Jensky.  He turned 4 year old in January.  He is full of  energy!  He is missing two of his front teeth (not sure what happened to them), but his smile is beautiful!   His favorite thing to do is.... EAT.  He will eat his entire plate, ask for seconds and then eat food off of everyone else's plate if you don't watch him.  He loves "bon,bon"- which are cookies, but he's not picky..he will eat anything he can find. 

We also have a new daughter, Mithe-Love.  She just turned 2 in July.  She is very quiet and VERY SERIOUS!!  We only managed to get a couple of grins out of her (smiled twice I think).  She seems to be taking in all's alot for a 2 year to fiqure out.  She loves her brother (he could get her to grin the easiest).  She took to Brittany & Haley right away.  She loves to be held (and cries when you put her down).  She is cute as a button!

We were able to spend the rest of the week together. They moved into our room that very first night and stayed with us every night afterwards.  On Tuesday, they stayed with us all day, but the rest of the week we did take them back down to the crech for a few hours each day while we were out in the villages.  What an amazing week!  It was so hard to say goodbye to them (the tears flowed again from all of us).  But they know that we are coming back for them.  We continue to pray that the adoption process is smooth and quick!  We can't wait to get them home with us forever!!!