Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Thank you for all your prayers, love & support over the past 2 years.  We FINALLY made it HOME.  We are a family of 7 all living under one roof!  We could not imagine traveling this journey without our amazing family & friends...and all the new friends we made along the way!  We have been HOME for 5 weeks now...crazy how time flies!  The kids are adjusting well & we are slowly finding our new "normal" around here.  It's been a little slow getting into a routine because it's summer & that brings more free time & less routine, but we are getting there.

After the kids had been home 2 weeks, all 3 older kids left for a week for a mission trip to Indianapolis.  They were home for 5 days and the 2 oldest left again for a second mission trip (I love how God is using them all).  This time they traveled back to Haiti...staying at the Guest House, connected to our creche where our children lived for 2 years.  We tried to explain to the little ones where the girls had gone...they understood they went on an airplane to see Poppy, Pastor Brent & their zamis (friends).

Just a few pictures to show you how our time is being spent:
In Miami...boarding for HOME!

Our airport PARTY!

Our family of 7!

Bubbles thanks to Ms. Cindy ;)

Our first Sunday Home...heading to church!


Mowing with Daddy

First trip to the zoo...check out those tigers!
Taking it all in...not too sure about the animals
Watching the Polar Bears swim was a hit

They both LOVE trains!

Chasing big brother Nick with squirt guns...2 against 1 :)

This is so cool!

Umm...I'm out of water!

Found a bottle of white paint!
Pile on Brittany :)

Undoing the braids