Monday, October 1, 2012

We are getting closer...

We received an email last Thursday (9/20) saying that our dossier exited Parquet!!  We are another step closer to bringing our children HOME!!  Sometimes I feel like it is one baby step at a time down this journey, but we can see the finish line up ahead.  Now that we have exited Parquet we will be getting our adoption decree...the kids will have our last name...they will be legally OURS in Haiti.  We have not seen the adoption decree so we wait again...once THAT email comes it will feel more real.  Hope it comes soon- like TODAY- because even after all this time I'm still not good at waiting.

Then we will begin the waiting of the next stage, which is MOI (Ministry of Interior) are the steps that will take place in this stage:

MOI (Ministry of Interior)- copied from All Blessing International:
All international adoption cases are reviewed by the Ministry of Interior. In order to obtain authorization to request a passport, the following documents must be submitted for each child:
  1. Four passport sized pictures
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Attestation for the Birth Certificate
  4. Extract from the National Archives for the Birth Certificate
  5. Relinquishment
  6. Process Verbal of adoption
  7. Adoption approval judgement
  8. Adoption Decree
  9. Attestation of the Adoption Decree
  10. Power of Attorney for creche director and/or attorney
  11. Stamp from DGI
  12. Notary letter for the passport
  13. Identification card of facilitator and/or attorney on the case
  14. Biological parents' identification cards
  15. Adoptive parents' MOI form, identification, and passport photo

The Ministry of Interior will grant authorization to submit the dossier to Haitian Immigrations for a passport.

Then the final three steps:
  1.  Obtaining passports for the kids
  2.  Obtaining visas for the kids.
  3.  Bring them HOME!!