Saturday, October 8, 2011

What's the next step?

Thought I would post and update as to where we are since our trip to Haiti.  We had our fingerprints completed on August 29th for USCIS (U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services).  We received our I600A approval from USCIS on September 1st.  We forwarded this approval to Dr. Bernard at NLL (New Life Link- the orphanage) and with that approval we are able to move forward. On September 8th we received an email saying we are now "in" IBESR.  IBESR is the court system in Haiti.  The amount of time spent in IBESR varies widely.  I've read where some cases are in/out in as little as 10 weeks, yet another family was in for a full year.  There is no consistancy when it comes to adoption paperwork in Haiti. We are praying that it moves quickly- this has always seemed to be the "longest part" of the adoption process.  

On the good side, Haiti just approved a new Prime Minister this week.  The new President had recommendations two other people for this position, but could not get them approved.  Now with the approval of a new Prime Minister, we hope this will speed up the adoption waiting period.  There are a lot of children waiting to come home to their new families!

While we wait for our children to come home I must say that we are extremely blessed to have a support group through NLL.  They created a blog of parents who are adopting through NLL, thinking about adopting, have adopted, etc.  This website is priceless...we are all able to ask questions (and get answers) from other families who may be a "step ahead" of us in the adoption journey.  It's nice to be able to ask questions, get opinions and help others who may be behind us in their journey.  I'm not sure we would have been able to complete our paperwork stateside without an agency if it were not for this great group!

Another blessing with this group...someone is always traveling to Haiti.  Just last week a family went over so they could go to court to finalize their adoption.  Everyone is so sweet, they take LOTS of pictures of the we get to "see" our kids more often.  Just this last visit, we had a few pictures of Claude & Mithe-Love.  A few other families will be traveling in November, so we hope to see more pictures soon.  NLL does send monthly updates of our kids, which include an updated picture, their height & weight.  They look great, but can't wait to see them again!!!

I'll post more...when I know more :)