Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Waiting and watching...

It's been a long time since I've posted, I guess because there isn't much new news to post.  We entered IBESR on September 8th...and we are still waiting.  This is the part of the process that seems to take the most time.  Not that I'm counting the days (OK- so I really am counting the days)...but on Thursday, we will have been in IBESR for 16 weeks.  Waiting is definitely the hardest part!!

 Over the Thanksgiving holiday, several families who are adopting through NLL traveled to Haiti to visit their children.  They always try to take pictures of each child and post them on the adoption blog website so that we can "see" our children and watch them grow.  Below are several of the pictures that came from their trips. Thank you to all of the families who sent these... What a priceless blessing these pictures are!

Mithe-Love on the swings,
looking as serious as always

Claude making funny faces...when Brittany saw this picture- she said he looked like Nicholas (who is always making funny faces).

Three little girls having the time of their life :) 

Mithe-Love and her "roommates"- what a bunch of cute little girls!!

Mithe-Love and  Claude together!

What a handsome looking little boy (I'm not biased at all)

And our gorgeous little girl (again, not biases at all)

We are excited to receive the pictures every time a family travels to Haiti.  We can watch them grow even when we can't be there ourselves.  Luckily, we do get to travel down in January to see them again.  We will take lots of pictures of the other children as well, to send them to the families at home...who are waiting and watching!