Tuesday, May 14, 2013


We received our final email on Friday (5/10) letting us know that their visa appointment is scheduled for Monday 5/20.  After the visa appointment, we have to wait one week before we can BRING THEM HOME!  Well, last night we finalized the trip & purchased our tickets!

OUR CHILDREN WILL ARRIVE AT CVG AT 11:45AM ON JUNE 4TH!!!!!  I can't believe after 26 months...they will be HOME....we will be a family of 7 all under one roof !  God is amazing!  However, one slight change has occurred over the past few months...their names...that's what happens when you have 3 teenage children at home who are part of the decision making process :)  Their new names will be- Jordan Claude Jensky Finch and Mia Mithe-Love Finch :) 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I think I'm in labor!!

Well, since my last post a few things have happened.  We entered the US Embassy on April 23rd...that alone was a shock since we had not heard that Mithe-Love's passport had been printed.  The US Embassy's job is to look over our dossier & give the approval for the adoption of the kids. Well, today the email came...we have our I600 approval!  I can't believe we are almost finished.  It seems like we "hurry up and wait" at each step of the journey (sometimes waiting longer than I had hoped for).   We are officially on our final "wait"...the end is drawing near!  We are waiting on one last email that will tell us our Visa Appointment Date.  Once we know the date of the appointment, then we know that ONE WEEK later the kids can come HOME!!  We will  book our tickets & prepare for takeoff!

This has been a LONG pregnancy (beginning April 3, 2011), but we are almost ready to deliver :)