Sunday, April 21, 2013

Need to update more often!

I apologize for not updating sooner...I was waiting until I had more good news to share.  Well, since the good news hasn't arrived yet, I update you with what we have found out so far and what we have left to accomplish before they come HOME.

To recap...on January 8th, we received the email saying we had exited MOI (after 6 weeks).  Three weeks later we found out that only Claude had exited MOI...Mithe-Love's dossier was still in MOI and they were waiting on her birth certificate to come from the National Archives.  Claude's dossier continued to move forward & on Febuary 20th we received his passport!  However, he then had to wait until Mithe-Love's dossier caught up to his dossier.  Well, it took a lot longer than we had expected.  On March 22nd, we received word that FINALLY (after 17 weeks) Mithe-Love had exited MOI!!!  She was again on the move.  They applied for her passport on March 26th.  We know the passport printing time can vary from 1-6+ weeks (Claude's took 6 weeks to process).  Tuesday will mark 4 weeks of waiting for hers to be printed.  Praying we receive it before then (Monday would be great)!  Once we receive her passport we are FINISHED with the paperwork on the HAITI side of the moves on to the US EMBASSY to finish everything up!

Here are the last few steps we have left to complete after we receive Mithe-Love's passport:

1.  Dossier taken to the US Embassy- usually takes 1-3 day after receiving passports.
2.  US Embassy will look over dossiers & approval our I600 form- takes usually 1-2 weeks
3.  US Embassy will then transfer us to the Consulate Department for Visas & we will receive an email from them with our "Visa Appointment"- takes anywhere from 1 day to 1 week to receive email.  The appointment date also varies- could be scheduled for the next week or could be 2 or 3 weeks out.
4.  Day of appointment- the kids will be escorted to the US Embassy to be interviewed & for their medical exam. When all goes well, their visas will be picked up TWO DAYS LATER!
5.  Exit letter from IBESR will be issued two days later & the kids are ready to travel HOME!!!

Please continue to pray with us that we will have the children HOME at the end of May!  That date is possible, but we need her passport this week to make that probable.  However, we know it is Haiti & we've hit bumps in the road along the way...but we hope the road is smooth from here on out!  WE ARE READY TO BRING OUR CHILDREN HOME!!!!

Oh...and to make you are our most current pictures of them :)