Monday, December 31, 2012

Meet Give1Save1's new "Featured Family"...oh wait...That's us!

Exciting news...We were selected to be the "Featured Family" on the website Give1Save1 for this week.  Never heard of Give1Save1...check them out and check out our video on their page as well!  The purpose to the website is to help adoptive families raise money to bring their children HOME!  It does just what it says...Give 1 ($1, $5, $10 or however much you feel led to give)... it will Save 1 child (in our case 2 children) from growing up without a Forever Family!  It's that easy! The is a catch...the catch is we only have ONE WEEK as the "Featured Family" and that is it!  All money that is donated during THIS week will be given to us to help with our final payment & travel expenses to bring our kids HOME!   Would you be willing to help bring two children HOME to their forever family? It's very on "donate" on the left...type in "Finch Family" for the purpose & chose the amount you would like to that's easy!

We would also like to say Thank You to everyone who purchased t-shirts during our first fundraiser!  We sold 15 t-shirts and had one cash donation!  We can not express our appreciate enough for your support & prayers as we venture down the path of adoption!

As far as the adoption goes...we haven't heard anything new.  We entered MOI (Ministry of Interior) on November 26th.  We have heard the time frame for MOI is expected to be 2 to 12 weeks.  Well, the family before us entered & exited in only 2 weeks...that is what we had hoped for.  We entered the same time as other families (from different orphanages) and they also exited in just 2 weeks.  There are 5 families from our orphanage who entered the same day as us...and we are all STILL WAITING!!!  I'm so ready to move of today it has been 5 weeks!!  Once we exit MOI then the average time frame is 6 to 8 weeks until we travel to pick them up.  We are getting so close, yet feel so far away!  I'll post as soon as we hear good news!  In the meantime...don't forget to check out our second and FINAL fundraiser :)

Thanks for your support!!!!!

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