Saturday, February 2, 2013

We're on the move...well, not so fast!

Our last email on Tuesday, Jan 8th was exactly what we wanted to hear..."Your dossier is out of MOI".  We were so excited to know we had moved forward.  It was time for passports...our last step of the journey in Haiti.  Getting ready to move our paperwork to the US Embassy!!!  Well, hold on...not so fast.  It had been three weeks since we had received that email and I was curious if there was any update as to when they expected our passports would be I emailed Smith (our fantastic orphanage case worker) to find out.  Our email back was not what I had summary:  "In our last email saying you a had exited was only Claude's file that exited.  We have applied for his passport, but we are waiting for Mithe-Love as she is still in MOI".  Oh no...could this really happen?  We had waited for 6 weeks to exit MOI (others have exited in as short as 2 weeks).  Now Mithe-Love has been in MOI for 10 much longer?

I wasn't sure what I should say, think or feel after reading those words.  Sad, disappointed, discouraged, frustrated...that would probably sum it up.   That night I immediately started asking questions to our support group (families who are all on the same journey - they are all adopting from Haiti as well).  I found out that dossier do get split up...not very often, but it does happen.  In fact there is another family in the exact same situation as us.   As I was expressing my worries and concerns, this special mom returned with this AMAZING statement:  "I know that these kids will be home at the exact time that God wants them to be home...not a minute sooner...not a minute later..No person, president, earthquake, or government can do one thing to stop that!"  I SO needed to hear this!!!!  I know that they will join our family exactly when God intends for them to join our family.  That day is already circled on HIS calendar, but I was caught up in my "what if's".  Thank you Martha for reminding me that God is in control of our situation.  I'm not sure what I would do without such an amazing group of encouraging families!!!  So what are we going to do?  We will wait...wait to exit MOI for the second time...wait for passports to be printed...wait to enter the US Embassy... and wait for our children to come HOME when He says it's time!

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